POETIC HABITAT. The International Exhibition Tour in Chongqing continues

POETIC HABITAT. The International Exhibition Tour in Chongqing continues

On May 31, 2020, we celebrated the opening reception of “Poetic Habitat – International Contemporary Art Exhibition”.

The exhibition is co-organized by Hong Art Museum (Chongqing, China) and Pashmin Art Consortia (Germany). About 60 works by 14 artists from 10 countries including Germany, Italy, Sweden, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, Uzbakistan and China were specially selected for exhibition. The artistic forms range from oil painting, watercolor to sculpture and installation. With diverse forms, rich themes, and optimal visual experience, a beautiful encounter between art and life begins, and an exchange of ideas and spirits develops.

The exhibition takes place in a private luxurious art space called “Poetic Habitat”, and is divided into two painting areas and four sculpture areas. These six areas are spread in a horticultural atmosphere, which gives the viewers an immersive experience between art and nature.

During the exhibition duration, cultural and art workshops will occur for art students every Saturday, respectively with the themes, realistic strokes, print art and oil painting appreciation. This will bring a deeper art experience to the viewers.

The exhibition is officially opened to the public on 31 May, 2020 and will be open till June 30, 2020.