Said Tiraei


Famine-Oil-on-canvas-129 x150cm-2006

Fight for your Goal-Oil-on-canvas-100x100cm-2006

Jungle Fantasy No. 1-Oil on canvas-120x150cm-2012

Jungle Fantasy No. 2-Oil on canvas-150x150cm-2010

The Eye-Oil-on-canvas-50x50cm-2004

The Sun in the Forest-Oil-on-canvas-120cm-2012

Said Tiraei was born in 1975 in Kabul, Afghanistan. He was just fourteen when he experienced the unbearable threatening circumstances which the entire family suffered from for a long time.

The flight to Nepal in 1990 led him to Pakistan. There he discovered the painter and teacher Nassir Amidi. Amidi took him as his pupil. Said Tiraie learned to transform his intuitions and feelings in colors and shapes. Pencil drawings, oil and chalk, color and shape prospects were on the schedule. But first and foremost, it was necessary to capture and play back external and internal reality. In 1991, he continued his education in India where he absorbed the elements of Indian culture as it is expressed in the architecture, i.e., the Taj Mahal. He learned to perceive feelings and conflicts, to permit and to express them artistically, to let the messages of soul flow.

Finally he arrived in Germany. His artistic process formed his own style very early and in 1994 the first exhibition of the then 19-year-old Said Tiraei opened. Today the contrast between cultures, countries and people is still alive in him. His technique has improved, the transitions between the contrasting colors and shapes are softer, the contradictions deeper, and yet more peaceful.

The topics Said Tiraei has touched upon recently are different from his early works; he reflects on his interaction with life, the roots and the strength of social integration issues or the environmental debate and the typical behavior in European relationships and forms of communication. Still, Asian thought and world culture remain recognizable and radiate in his works precisely because they are important to everyone.