Wang Shaojun


Croaking-of-Toads-Watercolor-28,2 x 37,9-2010

Dancing-on-the-Snowcapped-Watercolor-37,7 x 28,2-2014




1959 Born in Tianjin, China;
1982 Graduated from the School of Sculpture, China Central Academy of Fine Arts with a Bachelor’s Degree;
1995 Graduation from Senior Class of Urban Sculpture, China Central Academy of Fine Arts;

Currently he serves as Professor China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Master Instructor, Tutor for the Sixth Studio, School of Sculpture, Deputy Secretary of CAFA Party Committee, Member of the Art Committee of National Urban Sculpture, Evaluation Expert for Collections of the National Art Museum of China, Managing Director of China Sculpture Academy, Member of the Sculpture Art Committee, Beijing Artists’ Association.