“The Crossroads of the World“

We are selecting artists for a museum project running in spring 2019 at a Museum of Contemporary Art in China.

As part of our exhibition series "Pashmin Art Circulation", we are to select European contemporary artists for 2019 museum exhibition project in China in spring 2019.

To consider your art as well, please fill out the contact form below. Then we will contact you for more details.

About the Exhibition:

Pashmin Art Consortia in cooperation with different art museums around the world actualize the “Pashmin Art Circulation” Projects wherein artists from different countries participate. The achievements of each artist are seen in his or her individual and national artistic language. Exhibitions show a wide range of exhibits from the categories of sculpture, painting, photography, installation, video art, etc. To understand the unfamiliar means, first and foremost, to learn about its cultural background, to perceive and to accept the differences, and at the same time to discover the similarities.

The theme of the exhibition is “The Crossroads of the World”. This exhibition will show how influential art is in bringing cultures together for friendship between different cultures. This will help us have a better world for future generations. The intention of this exhibition is to begin the intellectual and artistic exchange between diverse cultures and continue to contribute to this cultural exchange in future.

Sculptures, paintings, photographs and other media that represent the selected artists in their both national and individual art languages are to be exhibited. They convey their curiosity and desire to build their own contribution to the dialogue. Here every artist is marked by his/her own original, individual artistic vocabulary and understanding, and yet his/her position on the whole map is seen as a sign of being together, a symbol of love and friendship mirrored in culture. In this case, different cultures are undoubtedly cross-fertilized.


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