Vernissage: 18. September 2021
Pashmin Art Gallery, Gotenstr. 21, 20097 Hamburg, Germany

Exhibition was from 18.09.2021 – 12.10.2021


Solo exhibition “BAHNUNG” with Alexander Dik

On September 18, 2021 at 5 p.m., the vernissage for the solo exhibition by Alexander Dik took place in the presence of the artist in the premises of the Pashmin Art Gallery.

Explosive Painting as Powerful as a Taekwondo Blow

As a former Taekwondo world champion, Alexander Dik has exchanged the Dobok (taekwondo suit) for a set of brushes and has devoted himself to abstract painting. In his pictures, he is inspired by everyday feelings. “My best works are created spontaneously and sometimes in a state of despair,” says the artist. His abstract, expressive motifs are made with different painting techniques. In all works, there is a will to live that brings colors and shapes to life. In his current exhibition “Bahnung”, Dik presents 20 selected works that take the viewer on an intimate journey through the artist’s feelings, memories, dreams, fears and longings. His restless emotions are the driving force behind his handicrafts. In Pashmin Art Gallery you will get to know Alexander Dik’s initiations!