NFT - is art just a dream of the future?

Special exhibition on 18.06.2021 with digital artist Rocco Indovina as part of the exhibition “A Journey into Fantasy Land” (04.06.21 – 02.07.21)

Topic: NFT, Is art just a dream of the future?

Rocco Indovina has turned his smartphone into an art tool and uses it to create digital art which contains messages and conveys new insights to change the view and meaning of life. Indovina also offers art lovers a completely new market object: NFT art with cryptocurrency. The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are unique, irreplaceable cryptographic assets that prove ownership of an associated artwork. For the artist, crypto-art is not a thing of the future and he wants high-quality NFT art to be accessible to everyone. In an interview Indovina says: “You can buy almost anything in the world. That is why I have created paintings that, despite their commodity value, are still within everyone’s reach.” According to Art4NFT gallery, the estimated value of some of Indovina’s digital artworks reaches at $96,000.

Pashmin Art Gallery in Hamburg was hosting some of Rocco Indovina’s artworks on 18.06.2021 at 5 PM on the general topic of “NFT art and cryptocurrency”.

Venue: Gotenstraße 21 [corner of Wandalenweg], 20097 Hamburg