Pashmin Art Gallery and Pashmin Art Publisher hold a book launching ceremony, accompanied by the end-of-year exhibition (13. 12. 2018 – 14. 01. 2019)

In 2018 Pashmin Art Publisher published an outstanding book entitled THE POWER OF ART IN HEALING AND TRANSFORMATION by the American author, musician and art-therapist Steven Lewis Malski. His book brings academic research and creative art together. Based on the text written by Steven Lewis Malski, Pashmin Art Publisher uses a special layout and design and adds pictures of different artworks, architectures, scenes of a play, even music and film (with the creative use of QR codes) to the book and makes it a lively one. The Publisher and author even take another step and publish Malski’s book in Chinese with different pictures inside, simultaneously with English version. The English and Chinese readers both can benefit from this book published in two versions.

The exhibition shows some of the works by the artists whose works were used in the book.

More information: Pashmin Art Publisher