Wordless Time

“Wordless Time”

—— 岁月失语

(20.06. – 20.08.2020)

The group exhibition “WORDLESS TIME” shows works by three Chinese artists, Chen Zhiguang, Ren Rong and Zhong Biao. The diversity of media forms and visual language of the artworks present three different dimensions in the narrative about time: Zhong Biao tells of the moment by reproducing a selection of private perceptions and experiences (Individual Moment); Chen Zhiguang interprets Zeitgeist against the background of a certain collective attitude (Society Epoch); Ren Rong integrates the ancient spirit of different origins into a universal analogy picture (Cultural History).

The vernissage will take place on June 20, 2020 at 7 p.m. at the Pashmin Art Gallery (Gotenstr. 21, 20097 Hamburg, entrance on Wandalenweg). The artist Ren Rong will be present at the opening. The exhibition will be on view until August 20, 2020 at the gallery.

* We ask you to observe the hygiene rules (mouth protection and safety distance) when entering the gallery. At the entrance to the gallery, please use the disinfectant provided. Thank you for your understanding.