Feminine Power on Canvas II, Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg March 2023


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Feminine Power on Canvas II, Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg March 2023

Due to the high demand for a continuation of the “FPC” exhibition series, the Pashmin Art Gallery in Hamburg has brought together four more female artists to hold the sceptre of “Strong Women’s Art” with flying colours.

The exhibition opening was accompanied by the Hamburg artist and author Stella Tsianios (“Love analphabet”), who performed her prose texts full of bittersweet melancholy and subliminal humor.

Sun Rastas invites the viewer on a journey of introspection, which at the same time is to be understood as an adventure to get to know different levels of consciousness. Her expressive color worlds and compositions touch the mind and soul. The artist explores different tools, techniques and styles – layer by layer the material transforms into a language of her emotional expression.

For artist Nicole Majer, art is a kind of exploration and conversation on a very personal level to find a way to better deal with emotions. Human emotional worlds are one of Nicole Majer’s favorite subjects, which she brings to canvas with watercolor or acrylic paints. In her figurative-abstract works, two hearts beat in her chest: that of the naturalist and that of the expressionist.

Karin Engelbrecht lets traces of color move, penetrate and blur. How to represent time, slowness, music on canvas? The artist presents dynamic and abstract spaces, bursting with great creative desire. As the artist works her way from the surface to the depths, the canvas acts like a human skin. Accordingly, it contains receptors for various sensations such as pain, but also warmth.

“Unveiled” is what live performance artist Andrea Kraus is all about. She portrays people, but not the outward appearance, but the inner being. During the gallery exhibition, visitors become part of her live performance as she lets them look over her shoulder while she brings the inspirational vibrations of her subject to the canvas.