Group Exhibition | Hamburg – Power On Canvas | August 2022

Group Exhibition | Hamburg – Power On Canvas | August 2022

Duration: 20.08. – 03.09. 2022
Location: Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg

“Hamburg, the artist’s gateway to the world” – The beautiful Hanseatic city of Hamburg shines with its more than 300 cultural institutions, including 60 museums, charming bars and cafés on the Alster and the Elbe beach and, last but not least, famous painters such as Max Liebermann, Erich Heckel or Emil Nolde. The Pashmin Art Gallery presents three established artists who combine the big-city ethos and are sought-after in China’s artist scene for a reason.

Group exhibition at Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg with

Michael Knepper
Anyone standing in front of Michael Knepper’s works will pause in awe at the vividness of the expressive portraits. Each individual work tells a unique story. Knepper is considered one of the most experienced and talented realist artists in Europe. The Hamburger Abendblatt very aptly titles Knepper’s art “Living Photorealism with a Message”, because in many of his works he deals with important issues such as environmental pollution and humanity’s responsibility for the next generations.

Gerd Leins
The essence of Gerd Leins’ works carry a philosophical core, for they deal, among other things, with the theme of “the loss of one’s self”. In addition to painting, Leins is also a poet and his artworks speak to the viewer in a kind of crypto-language, as they contain hidden patterns of interpretation. In terms of colour, the conceptual artist has concentrated on a black and white spectrum, which immensely intensifies the field of tension of his unique art.

Lionel Machris
A sensitive magic and at the same time a luminous preciousness radiate from the artworks of Lionel Machris, which are all exlusively studded with 24-carat gold. As a gifted artistic photographer, he creates high-quality unique pieces that transport the viewer into a mystical mood and change depending on the angle of view and the incidence of light. The artist succeeds in creating a very special moment with his noble works, combining fiction and realism to indulge in fantasy worlds and daydreams.