Pashmin Art Gallery in Bad Tölz: Wood artist Daniel Fuchs exhibits

Pashmin Art Gallery in Bad Tölz: Wood artist Daniel Fuchs exhibits

Daniel Fuchs owes his increasing success on the world stage to the internationally active gallery owner Nour Nouri from Hamburg, who discovered and promoted him. The latter comes from Iran, a country of extraordinary people and a rich culture that has been resistant to authoritarian religious fundamentalists since 1979. His father sent him to the West when he was 16 to give him the opportunity to live independently.

But it could also be the shared experience of dictatorship and the informers’ state in their youth that gave rise to friendship between the businessman Nouri and the artist Fuchs, which ultimately prompted Nouri to open his fifth “Pashmin Art Galerie” here in Bad Tölz out of a sense of solidarity.

Thanks to his engagement and exhibitions in million metropolises in China, Fuchs was selected “Artist of the Year” with his singular technique.

“Art is encounter and dialogue, art is life” – this Hanseatic principle characterized Nouri’s successful concept in Bad Tölz. The director greeted the guests with a “Servus,” which was visibly concerned with hospitality and warmth, and enjoyed the atmosphere in the well-attended gallery. The moderation of the evening took over Christine Adler of radio “Alpenwelle”. With her relaxed manner, she stood in contrast to the mostly formulaic events of this kind and thus offered interested listeners an entertaining event.


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