Group Exhibition called “VALENTINE EXHIBITION” by Lisa Etterich, Sophie Le Van Gong, Olena B. Linse, Natalja Nouri and Kendra Troschel

Honoré de Balzac

Valentine’s Day is a festival celebrating love which unites souls and worlds. AS Honoré de Balzac wrote properly “Love is not only a feeling; it is also an art.” Like all arts, inspiration is not enough, it also needs a lot of X factor. In this 2-day exhibition Valentine’s Day is commemorated in exceptional artworks by five international artists from different countries. The works of these artists have been exhibited in many national and international exhibitions by Pashmin Art Consortia.

Nuesh Nouri

Born on 09.12.2009, Nuesh Nouri, is one of the youngest artists whose works are shown at international art fairs and galleries. From her very early years she was introduced to art by her parents Nour Nouri (international art manager and gallery director) and Natalja Nouri (an established artist of international fame). She was also connected to art by her travels to the US and China from early years. Her spontaneous and simultaneously thoughtful reaction to colors is astonishing. The choice of warm, loud colors with some unknown feminine touch of novel childish originality, of sudden brush-strokes and dripping colors, unpolluted by adulthood made her works prominent even when she was four years old and her works were shown at Art Canton 2014 in China and Art Palm Beach 2015 in the US. Now she is developing her technique and the wide world is open to her dreams.

Kendra Troschel

Kendra Troschel is a third-generation artist who employs a romantic contemporary figurative style. Her art seeks to explore the meaning of love in all of its forms – not just romantic love, but the love of oneself and even the love of a moment – all through the female perspective. Kendra’s paintings, usually made with acrylic paint and pastels, visualise the range of human emotions. Inspired by literature and the feelings it provokes, she shows us the moments that define us. She now works and lives in Oxford, UK.

Sophie Le Van Gong

From an early age, Sophie Le Van Gong has been interested in different types of artistic creation, particularly in the visual arts. The multicultural influences of her childhood led Sophie to use a combination of ink and acrylic paint on canvas and paper. She has progressively improved her technical knowledge by following two main guidelines, namely “a love of detail” and “an active connection with nature”.

Olena Bratiychuk Linse

Olena Bratiychuk Linse represents and symbolises the self-confidence and self-assurance of women in her paintings. She admits that she is affected by an ideal of beauty influenced by Southern Europe and refers to classical models and ancient Greece. “Often a kind of fusion occurs between what I know, my own life experiences, my feelings and my inspiration”, says the artist.

Natalja Nouri

In Natalia Nouri’s work, the cultures, concepts, and symbolism of East and West collide in a mysterious symbiosis. She asks questions about what holds the world together in its most elemental sense – the hidden connections between macrocosm and microcosm. Natalja Nouri draws micro-organisms which she uses as a metaphor for galaxies to demonstrate the unity of micro and macro cosmos. The genetic chain is a preoccupation of the artist and it features repeatedly in her work, illustrating how the very essence of humanity source is connected to nature. Whatever the scale of her art, she works with an accuracy that is correct to the last millimeter. Nothing is left to chance; even the smallest detail becomes a miniature of astonishing verisimilitude.

Lisa Etterich

Lisa Etterich studied at art schools in Hamburg and Zurich. For three years she studied at the prestigious Institute of Fine Arts in Bochum and was a student of Professor Shi Yang, a native of China. Artists and theorists were made familiar with the Far Eastern art of drawing and ink painting. With the resources of emotion, intuition and inspiration she lets everyday reality behind and opens the cosmic worlds beyond space and time. With all the exuberant fantasy, many of her artistic creations still display harmony and peace. The trilingual book (English, German, Chinese) LISA ETTERICH: A JOURNEY INTO NEVERLAND published by Pashmin Art Publisher is about her life and art.

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