On November 7, 2019, the End-of-the-Year Exhibition opened at Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg, exhibiting the works of Evelyn Bermayer, Verena Kloos, Branka Lugonja und Jörg Bollin.

The artist Evelyn Bermayer paints abstractly. She abstracts what is seen and brings it onto the canvas with color, shape and surface. She not only paints what she sees, but expresses her feelings and creates an unmistakable atmosphere of her own. The bright colors of her works cannot be overlooked.

The artist Verena Kloos is an observer, a keen observer. On her travels, she photographs no sights, no people. Rather, it is the small inconspicuous scenes that she accidentally discovers on the street or while walking by. It is not just about a motif that you would like to capture in painting, but rather about an impression that you will not let go without capturing it.

The artist Branka Lugonja paints with glass. She masters the fragile material and transforms it into color-intensive, large-format light installations. By using artificial light, she creates a magical landscape, indeed a universe that is particularly apparent in the dark. In order to achieve this unique result, the artist experiments a lot and works with an oven-shaped technique. Branka paints and decorates the glass with paint, metal and oxides. When these elements are melted between two layers of glass up to 900 degrees Celsius, a chemical reaction occurs. Colors can change to other colors. They can fade; go black; form unwanted large and small air bubbles.

The artist Jörg Bollin oscillates between abstraction and reality. Between the three-dimensional and two-dimensional. Between removal and addition. Bollin´s work is thus a balancing act of opposites: hard – soft, permanently transient, open – closed, impenetrable – transparent, material – immaterial, organically inorganic. His works testify to the fundamental importance of the elements earth, fire, water and air. He skilfully uses different media and thus proves his versatile artistic ability. The artist from Freiburg tries to express the soul of matter in his works. The haptic and visual qualities of primary material and plastic are synthetically combined and it is difficult to determine which component the individual composition owes its basic rigor to. The natural form often has more „design“ and „movement“ than the usually strict geometry of the new formation.

Vernissage: 07. 11. 2019, 7 PM
Duration: 08. 11. 2019 – 02. 01. 2020
Venue: Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg, Gotenstr. 21, 20097 Hamburg


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