Ethereal Dimensions


Explorations in Color, Form, and Psyche

Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg presents a captivating exhibition with four extraordinary artists from 5 August to 25 August 2023:

Vania Fernandes – Renate Younis – Thomas Jaroschynski – Wibke Brode

Pashmin Art Gallery is pleased to announce its August exhibition showcasing the remarkable works of four exceptional artists: Vania Fernandes, Renate Younis, Thomas Jaroschynski and Wibke Brode. The exhibition will take place at the Hamburg branch of Pashmin Art Gallery, located at Gotenstr. 21, 20097 Hamburg.

This eagerly awaited exhibition offers art lovers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of diverse artistic expression. Each artist brings his or her own distinctive style that will make visitors think.

Vania Fernandes penetrates deep into the human psyche with her psychological black and white artworks. With meticulous attention to detail, Fernandes uncovers the subtleties of human emotions and leaves the viewer with a profound reflection on the complexity of human existence.

Renate Younis, known for her abstract, figurative and colourful works, captivates viewers with her vibrant colours and intricate compositions. Her art transcends traditional boundaries and invites the viewer to explore the realm of fantasy and emotion.

Thomas Jaroschynski geometric forms, executed with precise calculations, offer a unique perspective on the intersection of art and science. Embodying order, balance and the beauty of mathematical precision, his works are a visual feast for the analytical mind.

Finally, Wibke Brode’s abstract splashes of colour fill the exhibition with energy and vitality. With bold brushstrokes and vibrant pigments, Brode’s art encourages viewers to indulge in the joy of creative expression and discover their own interpretations in the vivid swirls of color.

The exhibition will be on view from 5 August to 25 August 2023 and promises to be an extraordinary event. The grand opening will take place on 5 August, with an opening address by the esteemed Dr Davood Khazaie, International Curator of Pashmin Art.

Art lovers, collectors and the general public are invited to experience the culmination of the creative journey of these four talented artists. The Hamburg branch of Pashmin Art Gallery welcomes all visitors to experience the diverse and captivating world of contemporary art.

About Pashmin Art Gallery: Pashmin Art Gallery is a leading contemporary art gallery dedicated to showcasing exceptional artists from around the world. With offices in Germany, China and soon in Dubai, Pashmin Art Gallery strives to promote diverse forms of artistic expression and create meaningful connections between artists and art lovers.


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