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Pashmin Art Gallery has established a wonderful connection with the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing and organizes exhibition projects together with them in prestigious venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing (MoCA) or the Archive Art Museum. Our Beijing location has vastly expanded the circle of art lovers and artists, multiplying the power of art to connect people and give them positive energy.

The art metropolis Beijing, or “Creative City” as it was dubbed by UNESCO in 2012, has developed meteorically over the past ten years, making it one of the most important trade and production centers worldwide. Art quarter 798 alone has more than 150 galleries.

Shifting Paradigms

Dialogues Across Perspectives Peter Bayer | Frenchie | Mark Müller | Willem Vos In the midst of a world undergoing profound changes, Pashmin Art Gallery

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Voyages of Vision

Pulsating Stories of, Intimacy, Hope and Nature Pashmin Art Gallery proudly presents “Voyages of Vision: Pulsating Stories of, Intimacy, Hope and Nature,” an exemplary group

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Unique art exhibitions in Beijing

For the past 30 years, Pashmin Art has been involved in the international presentation of artists in Europe, China and the USA. In view of the “special economic zone” that has developed in the Chinese art market, we have implemented an exhibition project that has shown more than 400 works of art by over 50 European artists in the Archive Art Museum. The reason for this cross-cultural museum project was the 50-year diplomatic relationship between Germany and China.

Due to Pashmin Art’s long-standing presence in Beijing, which has lasted for two decades, we have been granted an exclusive authorization by CAFA to organize and host art events of high-ranking institutions including the Mark Rothko Museum.

There is no geographical boundary that prevents us from expanding our activities in the field of art. We see ourselves as art and culture ambassadors who build bridges between countries and nationalities.

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Pashmin Art Gallery on YouTube

Get to know our international galleries and exhibitions on our Pashmin Art Youtube channel. We document our cross-cultural art projects and accompany our artists from the private studio to the big exhibition stage from Hamburg to Shanghai!

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The metropolis on the Elbe is a unique place where art and culture play a prominent role. The headquarters of Pashmin Art is located in the middle of the city of Hamburg.

Bad Tölz

In our art gallery in Bad Tölz you can experience exquisite art in all its diversity. The atmosphere in the gallery spaces is inspirational and powerful.


Our gallery in the gigametropolis of Chongqing impresses the viewers with a stylish ambience and impressive art exhibitions.


Shanghai, as a partner city of Hamburg, forms the fifth gallery location of Pashmin Art. The artistic exchange has ensured a strong network on the art market.