Fred Martin, Pashmin Art Gallery, THE ALLURE OF THE FANTASTIQUE, 2023


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Fred Martin, Pashmin Art Gallery, THE ALLURE OF THE FANTASTIQUE, 2023

China has an incredibly rich history of contemporary art, and its influence continues to grow. Chinese contemporary art is a vibrant mix of traditional styles, modern techniques and progressive ideas. From avant-garde abstract black and white art to abstract figurative paintings to conceptual sculpture, Chinese artists are pushing boundaries and creating works that will blow your mind.
Our group exhibition featuring three outstanding Chinese artists offers a unique perspective on contemporary Chinese art, which can be seen as an expression of the collective identity and culture of the Chinese people.
Moreover, Chinese contemporary art encourages us to think beyond our own cultural norms and experiences. It provides an opportunity to explore the ideas, values, and perspectives of another culture-a culture that is often overlooked in mainstream discourse. By engaging with this type of art, we can gain insight into China’s past, present, and future, and thus find new ways to understand our global society.
So if you’re looking for something exciting and inspiring, check out our Chinese contemporary art and let the Chinese imagination seduce you.

Nier Chen
Poet and painter Nier Chen was born in Chongqing and started creating artworks in 2007, covering four genres at once: Painting, collage, installation and photography. In her abstract works, profound, veiled figurative symbols meet intense worlds of color. In 2014, her first solo exhibition titled “Dawn complex” was held at Ling Art Space, Chongqing. Nier Chen has participated in several group exhibitions and her works have been featured in three successful solo exhibitions. For the first time her works are exhibited in Germany.

Zhang Dawo
Dawo’s works can be seen as an example of how traditional calligraphy is transforming into contemporary art. His calligraphy-inspired works, which move towards modern lettering art and reach the essence of nature, can be a source of inspiration for us to conceive a different modernity of art. His brushstrokes penetrate the mirror of tradition to reflect the contemporary world and boundless vitality. He creates a kind of true freedom and growth of life. In addition to numerous book publications, articles in art magazines and professional literature, Dawo’s artworks are an integral part of the British Museum in London.

Wang Shaojun
The Chinese artist’s works combine traditional and classical forms of artistic expression, which are reflected in the visual biographies of his portrait sculptures. Wang Shaojun has created several large public art works for many Chinese cities and was awarded the ”China Public Art Academic Award”. He is a professor, lecturer and president of the oldest and most important academy in China, CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Art) in Beijing. This exhibition will feature both sculptures and watercolor works by the artist.

In Chinese Contemporary Art

Vernissage: 14.01.2023 – 7pm
Exhibition period: 14.01. – 01.02. 2023
Opening speech: Dr. Davood Khazaie, international curator
Guest speaker: Wolfgang Rudischhauser, former german consul general in Chengdu
Interview: Art lover and friend of the gallery : Dirk Wiemer

Group exhibition at Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg with
Nier Chen – Zhang Dawo – Wang Shaojun

Pashmin Art Gallery
Gotenstr. 21
20097 Hamburg
Tel: +49 40 69 21 98 99