Pashmin Art Gallery (General Introduction)


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Pashmin Art Gallery (General Introduction)

Pashmin Art Gallery focuses on contemporary art. It benefits from its long experience in art market monitoring and analysis to speculate the trends. By combining the art philosophy of each artist with the commercial side of the business, the gallery proposes themes and motifs about contemporary life for each particular exhibition.

It now embraces four galleries in Germany (Hamburg) and China (Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing). Each gallery exhibition is curated by the art experts and renowned art critics write about each exhibition and deliver lectures about the exhibitions. The curators, specialists in particular subject areas are closely involved in cataloguing, conservation, and interpretation/display of the artworks. They design solo and group exhibitions that display something about contemporary issues or a certain theme, or trend in art.

Apart from being present in other international art markets, the Gallery is one of the leading galleries in China art market.