Pashmin Art Gallery opens a new gallery in Bad Tölz


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Pashmin Art Gallery opens a new gallery in Bad Tölz

Pashmin Art opened a new branch in Bad Tölz. In this solo exhibition the works by the internationally established artist Daniel Fuchs were shown.
Pashmin Art’s art journey began in the northern German Hanseatic city of Hamburg, extended further to the USA and then to the Asian continent as far as China, before settling once again on Germany’s highest art trail, in Bad Tölz.

Bad Tölz is more than just a hub or spa town, it is a place full of art and culture. The old town, with its brightly painted Baroque gables, is home to artist Daniel Fuchs, who has developed a highly intricate and complex process for turning wooden panels into intricate marvels.

Daniel Fuchs uses only the German species of wood, spruce, which grows to thousands in his native Thuringia and in his adopted Bavarian home of Bad Tölz. Considering the works of Daniel Fuchs, the viewer feels recognized in his nature and inwardly reassured, even lifted and protected at the same time by the infinite divine work of the constant creation, which never comes to an end. The works of Daniel Fuchs reveal to us the formative structures behind the curtain of sensual deception.

Pashmin Art Gallery opening in Bad Tölz
Solo exhibition with Daniel Fuchs
Period: 23.07. – 27.08.2022
Vernissage: 23.07.2022, 19.00 o’clock
Presenter: Christine Adler (Actress)
Welcoming Speech: Nour Nouri (Director of Pashmin Art)
City Counsil: Toni Kollmeier (Tourism)
Vernissage: 23.07.2022 I 19 o’clock
Opening speech: Dr. Marc Cremer-Thursby (Art historian)
Music: Dj Bügelbrett