Pulse and Pause Group Exhibition in Hamburg, September 2023

Pulse and Pause Group Exhibition in Hamburg, September 2023

The Pashmin Art Gallery is proud to present “Pulse and Pause: Dreamscapes, Emotions, and Technical Brilliance,” an exclusive exhibition showcasing the combined genius of renowned artists.

Marian Kretschmer:
A visionary whose works represent oases of tranquility in a hectic world. Kretschmer often highlights the subtle details of everyday life and succeeds in captivating the viewer.

Christiane Maria Luti:
With her unique aesthetics and impressive technique, Luti bridges the worlds of dream and reality. Her artworks are testimonies of deep emotions and stories that touch the heart.

Alex Blaschke:
An artist who passionately and introspectively combines his journey through art and music. Blaschke’s works are often reflections of his inner journeys and experiences, which he expresses artfully.

Christiane Alegria:
With her deep technical expertise and emotional depth, Alegria offers a harmonious blend of feeling and technique in her works. Her art radiates an energy that is both captivating and invigorating.

The exhibition was a visual journey that combined passionate craftsmanship, introspective moments, ethereal dreamscapes, deep emotions, and unparalleled technical brilliance.

Jasmin Eikmeier, known for her charismatic presentations, was the host of this event. Dr. Davood Khazaie, the esteemed international curator of Pashmin Art, delivered an insightful opening speech.

The commitment of Pashmin Art Gallery to showcasing transformative art remains unwavering. Each artist offers a unique perspective, yet together they weave a tapestry of stories.