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Artistic Insights into the Contemporary Soul

Peter Backhaus | Christian Autzen | Peter Hintz | Willem Vos

Exhibition duration: July 7 to August 03, 2024 | Vernissage: July 7, 7 pm

“The Spectrum of Emotions: Artistic Insights into the Contemporary Soul” is a captivating exhibition curated by Natalja Nouri at Pashmin Art Gallery in Hamburg, showcasing from July 2024 to August 2024. This exhibition brings together the profound works of Peter Backhaus, Christian Autzen, Peter Hintz, and Willem Vos, four contemporary artists whose diverse expressions delve deep into the myriad facets of human emotion and modern existence.

About the Artists

Peter Backhaus: Chaos and Silence Interwoven
Peter Backhaus’s approach is deeply introspective, using his artwork as a medium for survival and mental healing. His art delves into the inner realms of the psyche, moving away from transient everyday experiences to explore themes that transcend time, space, and cultural boundaries. His paintings, laden with archetypical imagery and a mix of stillness and chaos, reflect a journey into the deep layers of the human condition.

Christian Autzen: Cultural Bridges and Humanistic Reflections
Christian Autzen’s art is a compelling blend of narrative depth, technical prowess, and thematic breadth. His ability to encapsulate complex human experiences and historical epochs within strikingly beautiful visual compositions makes his work an important part of contemporary art discourse.

Peter Hintz: Urban Narratives and Nocturnal Reflections
Peter Hintz’s work not only mirrors the angst and aspirations of contemporary life but also acts as a conduit for deeper introspection. His portrayal of figures often caught between states of being—either breaking apart or coming together—metaphorically reflects the cracks and fissures within our own lives.

Willem Vos: Art is Freedom
In reflecting on Willem Vos’s work and ethos, one is reminded of the broader implications for how individuals and societies might value and integrate creativity and pragmatism. Considering the dramatic flair and emotional depth of his artworks, they reflect a modern approach to portraiture that emphasizes psychological depth and personal identity. His might be influenced by contemporary issues of identity, emotion, and personal struggle, using the canvas to explore these themes deeply and vividly.

This exhibition is designed to offer an immersive experience into the emotional and psychological landscapes of contemporary life. Each artist, with their unique lens, captures the complex interplay of emotions and experiences, weaving a rich tapestry of artistic expression that resonates deeply with the contemporary soul.

Jasmin Eikmeier, as the moderator, will inaugurate the exhibition accompanied by Nour Nouri, the director of Pashmin Art. Dr. Davood Khazaie, a literary art critic and  international curator will discuss the main features of each artist in connection with contemporary art.

“The Spectrum of Emotions” is not just an exhibition; it is a journey through the hearts and minds of artists who articulate complex emotional and existential queries through their art. It invites viewers to explore, reflect, and connect with the deeper currents of contemporary life, making it a pivotal event for art lovers and cultural thinkers alike.


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