Voyages of Vision


Pulsating Stories of, Intimacy, Hope and Nature

Pashmin Art Gallery proudly presents “Voyages of Vision: Pulsating Stories of, Intimacy, Hope and Nature,” an exemplary group exhibition featuring renowned artists Christiane Maria Luti, Parviz Tehrani, and Annina Laely. The exhibition will run from 25 November to 30 December 2023 at the Bad Tölz branch.

The opening event on 25. November 2023 will feature an insightful speech by Dr. Khazaie (literary art critic and international curator), providing context to the artworks and deepening the understanding of the narratives they present. The event will be expertly moderated by Christine Adler, a distinguished lecturer, actor, and moderator.

“Voyages of Vision” is an ode to the human experience, captured through the brilliant works of three master artists. The exhibition delves deep into realms of intimate moments, peace and hope, and the profound beauty of nature.

Christiane Maria Luti draws viewers into her unique paintings in which emotional narratives exude vulnerability, introspection, and evanescence, exploring the delicate balance between change and continuity. “Ecstatic Intimacy” defines her works properly.

Parviz Tehrani, through his captivating pieces, sheds light on his journey as a Persian artist in Germany. His works resonate with themes of peace, hope, human rights, nature, and the challenges of our times. Tehrani captures both the beauty and the threats in our world, encouraging viewers to reflect on our shared future.

Annina Laely’s abstract canvases are a luminous celebration of nature. She portrays landscapes teeming with emotions, capturing the play of light and color in her signature style. Her pieces invite viewers to embark on a visual journey, exploring the intricate bond between humans and nature.

With its blend of rich narratives and diverse artistic styles, “Voyages of Vision” promises to be a beacon for art enthusiasts and critics alike. It’s more than an exhibition; it’s a journey that promises to move, provoke thought, and inspire.
Members of the media are invited to the Vernissage on 25 November 2023.


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