Abstract Expressions: Exploring Forms, Colors and Nature

Abstract Expressions: Exploring Forms, Colors and Nature

The April 2023 exhibition at the Pashmin Art Gallery in Bad Tölz was entirely dedicated to the theme “Exploring Forms, Colors, and Nature”. This group exhibition, titled “Abstract Expressions”, was inaugurated on April 1st by four distinct artists, with Dr. Davood Khazaie, the international curator of Pashmin Art, opening the artistic evening.

Ralph Hübschmann’s wooden sculptures, boasting organic shapes and intricate details, provided ample opportunity for imaginative interpretations and inspirations.

The vividly colored, tufted rugs by the Swedish artist Jonathan Josefsson were warmly received by exhibition visitors. Their abstract textile patterns reminded many of the dynamism of graffiti art.

The lyrical sound paintings of artist and author Renée Rauchalles enchanted through the interplay of radiant colors and organic forms.

Petra Schott, the fourth artist, conjured moments of joy on the faces of the viewers with her abstract masterpieces. Her canvases were expressions of lightness and at the same time, impressive works of art.