Alexander Dik presents his “Shovel Works” at the Pashmin Art Gallery in Bad Tölz on May 11, 2023


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Alexander Dik presents his “Shovel Works” at the Pashmin Art Gallery in Bad Tölz on May 11, 2023

“The Shovel Work” exhibition at the Pashmin Art Gallery in Bad Tölz showcased the latest works of contemporary artist Alexander Dik. Running from 11th March to 25th March 2023, Dik’s art was characterized by its powerful colors and expressive depth.

In response to recent social and political changes, Alexander Dik underwent a moral and creative reawakening. His exhibited works reflected a newfound intensity and depth, showcasing his artistic growth and development.

Dik described his “shovel work” as a metaphorical process of digging deep within himself, similar to a farmer or miner. The act of breaking and covering up with a shovel symbolized his inner strength and power. This creative frenzy, akin to an addict searching for gold or a prisoner crafting an escape tunnel, was the essence of his art.

With an international exhibition history, Alexander Dik’s previous series had been displayed in cities like Brussels, Monaco, Madrid, and at the Asian Art Archive Museum in Chongqing, China, and Art Beijing.

The exhibition’s vernissage on 11th March 2023 was opened by Christine Adler, an actress and speech lecturer, along with Alexander Dik himself, who shared personal insights into his artistic world. The evening was accompanied by the enchanting violin sounds of musician Tjaša Kastelic.

“The Shovel Work” by Alexander Dik was a captivating exhibition that showcased the artist’s exploration of self and his ability to convey profound emotions through vibrant colors. This display of Dik’s latest works was a testament to his ongoing artistic journey and was a must-see for art enthusiasts seeking an immersive experience.

Since Alexander Dik has truly fallen in love with the idyllic town of Bad Tölz, it was a great pleasure for him to present a work to the town’s mayor, Dr. Ingo Mehner, as a gift.
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