An Interview with the Artist Zhang Dawo | 2021


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An Interview with the Artist Zhang Dawo | 2021

“Art may involve wisdom, etiquette, justice, and love: I cannot say accurately, but I feel that art is educating me and makes me like a devout believer and a humble child. Swimming in art, I experience loftiness and a sense of subtlety, which helps me to understand myself. Unlike a camel, which bears many burdens, unlike a lion who does not plan, I am like a baby who grows naturally and powerfully in an orderly, yet disorderly manner.”

Dawo’s works can be regarded as an example of how traditional calligraphy metamorphoses to contemporary art. His works, inspired by calligraphy, heading for modern writing art, reaching the essence of nature, can be an inspirational source for us to conceive another modernity of Art.
His brush strokes go through the mirror of tradition to reflect the contemporary world and boundless vitality. He creates a kind of true freedom and growth of life. With such a dance of pen and ink between heaven and earth, he has taken the Chines ink XIAN to the extreme and reaches the depth and exaltation of life.
In addition to many book publications, articles in art magazines and specialist literature, Dawo’s art works are an integral part in The British Museum in London.