Ralph Hübschmann

Ralph Hübschmann was born in 1957 in Greiz, Thüringen,Germany. Since 1987 he has worked and studied on wood structure. Since 1997 he has developed his personal style, focusing on the aesthetic-sensational aspects of wood. His sculptures are handmade. Each piece is worked out of one piece of wood and except for pieces of amber, agate slices and silver alloy, additional pieces are not added. His work has developed in nearly 20 years since he made some baroque style furniture as refined masterpieces. Over the years, he has developed his skill and his works tend more to abstraction and delicateness. He does not confine himself to only human beings or animals or plants but browses in man’s mind, in nature, in books of fiction, history, religion and anywhere else to find the subject of his sculptures. He seeks “asymmetrical symmetry” in his art.

In 2008 Ralph Hübschmann won the Palm Art Award from Art Domain Gallery of Leipzig. Since his cooperation with Pashmin Art Gallery in 2010, Hübschmann has found a much larger audience in different art fairs such as Istanbul 2010, Shanghai 2011, Art Madrid 2012, Art Beijing 2013, and Scope New York 2014 among others. Pashmin Art Hamburg- Branch, hosted his works at “Symphony of Multicolorism” in 2016. The Shanghai Branch showed “Yin/Yang: An East- West Dialogue of Art” in 2017-2018. In 2019, Pashmin art Publisher also published a monograph art book, entitled “Metamorphoses” in a trilingual edition (English / Chinese / German) about Hübschmann’ss art.

His latest exhibition is in pashmin Art Gallery (Hamburg Branch) group exhibition “Figuratum durch Abstractum” from 21 March 2021 to 10 April 2021.


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