Sergei Morshch

“I think no one doubts that our world and the whole Universe is not limited to physical bodies and objects. Everything that exists, including ourselves, is also energy. Some scientists and some spiritual traditions believe that the energy itself looks like an accumulation of luminous filaments or fibers that connect everyone and everything in the Universe. Since I am a Physics Engineer by training, I have been always interested in the laws of the Universe and experienced a great desire to get to the bottom of the truth. There are many different opinions and hypotheses, but my choice, which is the closest to my temperament and my heart, is connected to Luminous Filaments. This can be seen in my works and, probably, this is the main aspect of what I’m doing, the main reason and stimulus of my creativity.

If we talk about the technical side of my work, the primary focus has never been on design, but on the process itself. I never know in advance what kind of image I will create, nor do I know its composition or color scheme. I do not know “anything”. And only in the process, step by step, brushstroke after brushstroke, something is beginning to take shape. And at the end, the shape gets filled with alive luminous filaments, which, from my point of view, create and explain the meaning of everything. I am sure that what motivates this process of creativity is all the same luminous filaments that are present everywhere and balance out our world. Each time I dive into a creative process, I get to know not only the world of art but also the world of myself.

Free movement of meanings, their superposition, flows into an associative connection, spontaneity, abstract expressionism, transforming into an ideal simplification of an art form, grotesque – all these definitions only make sense when there is an agreement about what is a reality and what is an illusion. However, when this definition is not available, or it is consciously avoided, then a pure art appears”- S. Morshch.


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