Ali Kasap

Ali Kasap was born on December 26th, 1985, in Esslingen, Germany. His parents had immigrated to Germany in 1980 in search of work. As a newcomer to the art scene, Kasap acknowledges that he may not have as much experience as other artists, but he has always been interested in art and enjoys exploring various forms created by different artists.

Over the past two years, Kasap has felt an increasing urge to put his thoughts on canvas and has already done so. He now loves creating his own art as well as admiring the work of other artists. He believes that true art is created when one switches off reality and simply paints what one feels. After learning to let go of his everyday work, Kasap has only begun to feel art’s true essence. He invites others to join him in his world of art.

Now that Kasap has discovered his passion for art, he plans to continue painting for the rest of his life. He is excited to create different series of pictures with unusual designs and on different levels. He is also planning a series of oversized works, and is looking forward to surprising his audience.


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