Uriel Cazes

The artist Uriel Cazes paints figuratively but anti-naturalistically. His figures are indicated with broad brushstrokes and additionally emphasized by black contours. His works consist of large, iridescent swatches which encounter more or less hard together. The stylized people are involved in largely indifferent, monochrome surface formation.

Cazes is distinguished mainly in his paintings by the strong expression of the faces. These often seem distant and stereotyped, or too dull, where the appearance of a mask highlights in the viewer’s mind. It implies his artistic intention and cold aloofness. The uniformity and aloofness of his characters are often highlighted by a cool color coarse, facial expressions and stiff gestures. He mainly uses blue.

Uriel Cazes, who was born in Haifa, is very involved in intercultural exchange and variety of nations. He worked on many projects in this area. His works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions with different cultural and religious backgrounds. He lives and works in Ibiza, Spain.


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