Das Schaufelwerk


Alexander Dik

“The Shovel Work”

Vernissage: 11.03.2023 / 7 pm

Moderator: Christine Adler (Actress and Lecturer)

Greeting: Nour Nouri (Director of Pashmin Art)

Musical accompaniment: Tjaša Kastelic (violinist)


The Pashmin Art Gallery in Bad Tölz is showing “The Shovel Work” (German: “Das Schaufelwerk”) from 11.03. – 25.03.23 with the latest works of the contemporary and expressionist artist Alexander Dik. His artistic work is characterised by pathos and the power of his glowing colours.

The upheavals of recent times, both social and political, have led to a moral rethinking and a new creative force in Alexander Dik. His current works are characterised by an intense and expressive depth and show the artist’s degree of development.

Alexander Dik describes his “shovel work” as follows:

“Similar to a farmer, a miner, I dig inside myself. The shovel that I move from left to right, with which I break up something and cover something up, becomes a symbol of my own power within me. Whether I was occupied with the Russian avant-garde or with religious art, this digging, digging and digging remains. Like an addict for gold, like a prisoner for an escape tunnel, I create like a berserker.”

Alexander Dik’s works have been exhibited internationally. His past series have been shown in European cities such as Brussels, Monaco and Madrid, as well as at the Asian Art Archive Museum in the Chinese megametropolis of Chongqing and at Art Beijing. 

The vernissage of the two-week solo exhibition will take place on 11.03.23 at 7 pm. The art event will be opened by Christine Adler, actress and lecturer for speech, and Alexander Dik himself, who will share personal impressions of his art world with the gallery audience.  Musician Tjaša Kastelic will round off the inspiring evening with her warm and sensual violin sounds.



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