Intertextual Artscapes


Navigating Forms and Genres

Petra Schott | Katalin Nemethy | BLONDEMONKEY | Michaela Kubitta-Willms

Pashmin Art Gallery is thrilled to announce its upcoming exhibition, “Intertextual Artscapes: Navigating Forms and Genres,” featuring an exclusive collection from a diverse group of accomplished artists – Petra Schott, Katalin Nemethy, BLONDEMONKEY, and Michaela Kubitta-Willms. The exhibition will run from 7th October 2023 until 27th October 2023.

“Intertextual Artscapes: Navigating Forms and Genres” is a ground-breaking exhibition curated to celebrate the intricate interplay of forms, styles, and mediums in contemporary art. From Petra Schott’s intuitive abstract painting to Katalin Nemethy’s surrealist renditions, BLONDEMONKEY’s pop-optical fusion, and Michaela Kubitta-Willms’ unique contributions, the exhibition is set to be a sensorial feast and intellectual discourse.

The opening ceremony will commence on 7th October at 7:00 PM, with a welcome speech by Nour Nouri, the Director of Pashmin Art Gallery. Jasmin Eikmeier, known for her lively presentations, will enrich the event as moderator. Following the welcome and introductions, Dr. Davood Khazaie (literary critic and international curator of Pashmin Art) will deliver the opening address, exploring the intellectual levels and aesthetic dimensions that connect these diverse artists. He will also engage in an insightful dialogue about the nuances of modern art.

As always, admission is free!

We invite you to experience this unparalleled blend of art genres and take part in a dialogue that traverses both form and substance, bringing together artists, critics, and art lovers alike.


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