Rote Ronia Interview in Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg, 2022


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Rote Ronia Interview in Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg, 2022

Contemporary art is an ever-evolving field that encompasses a variety of mediums, from painting and sculpture to relief art. It is a way for artists to connect with their environment and explore different phenomena including animals and human body in a variety of ways and forms.
In this exhibition at Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg fours artists are exhibited whose works thematically share the elements of animals and human body in diverse forms.

Ruth Bircham is a British artist. Her focus is on the nude form in all it’s wonderful simple, natural glory and her field of art is based on what exists within our lived-in environment. She wants the gazes (from both the male and female) to view the female form as a strength not as weakness. Human forms are her primary source of inspiration; she watches intently their body language and their shocked responses while she speaks with them. Her works can be dramatic, confrontational, intimidating or arousing. In her erotica, Ruth focuses on the sensual aspects of human body, offering a unique perspective on the human experience.

“rote Ronia” is a German artist. Being introduced to professional art circles from her childhood “rote Ronia” got familiar with different art techniques and forms in accompaniment with her grandmother who was an accomplished artist in her time. rote also worked with different materials such as silk to copper plates or clay. She has developed her special relief-painting which has thousands of years of history behind it. in relief art, “rote Ronia” creates three-dimensional forms that often have a hidden or unexpected connection to the environment.
Antoinette Rozan is a French artist. She is the fifth generation of a family with a long artistic history, alongside painters, architects and engravers. Freedom, Movement, Paradox and Energy are words that best describe Antoinette Rozan and her work. Both an artist and a kinesiologist, she gives form to Emotions and Movement to Matter. Each of her works is an ode to Existence, as to be living means to be in perpetual Movement, Joyfulness and Love, just like her sculptures.
Nick Wolf is an American artist living in Sweden. The circumstances of his existence are translated and transformed into a visual diary that documents the shifting of spiritual states he experiences from day to day. His paintings are naive and symbolic because he feels that despite the complexities of our modern world, we are, nevertheless, still quite primitive in our needs and emotional experiences. We breathe, eat, sleep, and dream. We love and hate, fear and hope. We all have desires and are driven by primal forces. He wants his art to be faithful to an expression of the true essence of humanity. And thus enables a connection that accesses the spectator on a deeper visceral level.

Human – Animal – Forms
Opening: 08.10.2022 – 6 pm
Exhibition period: 08.10. ¬– 29.10.2022
Opening speech: Dr. Davood Khazaie

Group exhibition at Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg with
Ruth Bircham | rote Ronia | Antoinette Rozan | Nick Wolf