The Spectrum of Emotions – Groupexhibition in Hamburg, July 2024

The vernissage of the exhibition “The Spectrum of Emotions: Artistic Insights into the Contemporary Soul” was a complete success. Curated by Natalja Nouri, the exhibition takes place at the Pashmin Art Gallery in Hamburg and can be seen from July 6, 2024 to August 3, 2024.

The exhibition brings together the profound works of Peter Backhaus, Christian Autzen, Peter Hintz and Willem Vos, four contemporary artists whose diverse forms of expression explore the many facets of human emotion and modern existence.

The accompanying photos capture the moving moments of the vernissage. They show not only the impressive works of art, but also the inspiring conversations and encounters that characterized this special evening. We invite you to visit the exhibition and be enchanted by the depth and diversity of the works on display.