Alexander Dik – Parnass Spezial

Alexander Dik – Parnass Spezial

Alexander Dik is a contemporary artist known for his neo-expressionism. His work is characterized by pathos and exuberance as well as expressiveness and bold colors. Dik’s work is influenced by his life story as well as current events. He often uses his art, to express his fears and anxieties, especially in times of crisis such as the pandemic and the current Russia-Ukraine war. War. Such life stories are rare in European art history. art history rather rare. The artists come from middle-class, educated, artistic educated and artistic backgrounds, which which enable them to prepare for their profession at an early age. profession at an early age. Only a few painters knew misery and hunger from their own experience, such as Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, Heinrich and Martha Vogeler and Vogeler or Otto Dix. Alexander’s knowledge of social and human abysses did not alter his artistic status, but lent his works a depth that could not be found that one looks for in vain among established and better in vain. Nowadays there are more and more questions about the connections between art and life. Art is no longer autonomous; art for art’s sake is no longer in demand. is no longer in demand. Against the background debates about the influence of racism and and colonialism, art criticism is shedding more light than ever more than ever before, art criticism illuminates the social art. This trend will also arouse interest in in the work of Alexander Dik.

The artist himself emphasizes in conversation that he “does not use colors according to nature and his own external own external sensory impressions. The colors bubble up out of me as an eruptive expression of my fears, my anger, and my but also my feelings and longings. When I paint, I swim in my colors and go up and down with them. My painting speaks for itself. It does not develop according to a a predetermined plan, but develops while I paint. I paint intuitively.”

While the artist in his previous the tragedies and traumas of German history, they are not tragedies and traumas of German history, they are are no longer the predominant themes in the of the painter. In the more recent and newest works, which were created during the Corona pandemic and also in the museum exhibition in China (Hong Art Museum 2022), there are more the rays of hope are multiplying. The artistic horizon is brightening. The signs of hope are multiplying. They betray the intention of the artist to turn away from the dark sides of the of German history and to approach new, brighter and to approach new, brighter shores.

Dik’s work is a powerful reflection of our time and will and will certainly be remembered for a long time. long. 2023 to 2024 his works will be exhibited at the Mark Rothko Museum and Art Beijing art fair.

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