Askanadi (born in 1979) is a contemporary artist from Indonesia, and currently lives in Berlin.

In his art, lines and geometric surfaces overlap and complement each other. Illusion creates different visual dimensions and spaces for meditation. These are symbolic expressions and reflections of his own meditation on different dimensions of life. As a result, Askanadi sees the visual challenge in how to translate expressions, emotions, and thoughts in simple forms. The symbolism of the forms can speak to everyone without allowing a single interpretation to be true.

The link between spirituality and technology has temporarily occupied his mind. In his work, he expresses the fact that our world is becoming limitless and faster through processual contemplation. He sees technology as a medium to enter the spiritual world. To ponder about technology, nature and habitat is part of Askanadi’s spiritual meditation and this also forms a part of his artistic creation.

Simplicity in color, shape, line, space and some repetitions, and visual accents are used for visualization of spiritual depth. Askanadi is convinced that the simpler the visualization is, the more the viewer is touched emotionally.


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