Patrick Bubna-Litic

The Austrian artist Patrick Bubna-Litic has mastered color theory and sets it skillfully in his abstract paintings on canvas. His works of art are not static, lifeless and quiet structures, but they show different sounds of music.

Individual melodies or beats determine the compositions of the images and leave the viewer in the sounds of Beethoven, Mozart and Hydn; the Beatles and Rollings Stones also float by. Music plays a central role in the works of Bubna-Litic and is considered a means of expressing feelings and it simultaneously has an effect on the viewer.

Bubna-Litic also has a very special relationship to his works. He talks to them and can also take some result out of them; this goes on as long as the work is complete. The artist describes his act of painting as follows: “The painting process itself is a conversation with the resulting image: very often, it cries out for supplements, asks for more color, new structures and materials.

Sometimes it tells me that it is enough, time to stop. When I hear this call, it rejects me and says: “It serves you right,” At worst, it does not speak with me for a long time. Then it’s just “waiting”. Eventually, it then calls me and says that now the time is ripe for a good idea.”

After numerous exhibitions in Austria and around the world Bubnas-Litic’s works are now shown at the international art fair in Shanghai Art Fair 2013. The visitor expects a spectacle of expressive colors accompanied with magical music intrinsic in them.


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