Birdy Tg

Birdy Tg is a French photographer and writer. Passionate by Art in any of its forms, beside Literature and Art studies, he has also become a Doctor of Science. A quite unusual career path leading to an atypical body of Art.

Birdy Tg is a storyteller. Art critics describe his work as diegetic, conceptual, philosophical, narrative, allegorical, oneiric, and symbolic. His artworks question on human nature and its weaknesses, human soul and its emotions, and on the great mysteries that man has always had to face through history, art, literature, philosophy, psychology, religion and science.

His artistic goal is to recreate the splendour of the detail, the keen eye for it, the exuberance of keys and codes that made the great days of Classical Painting, but in a very contemporary expression, using all of the latest photography and computer technologies. His very unique style can immediately be identified.

His favourite visual expression are very large format mixed media complex frescoes, in each of which he can include up to several thousands of single photographs together, that require up to 6 full months of constant work for a single artwork, making his technic one of the most unique and achieved in the world.

His huge numeric collages, including numerous encoded details, clues, evidence and artistic references, lead the viewer into a true treasure hunt to take a stand about the underlying philosophical problematic he submits.

In 2018/2019, Birdy Tg has received no less than 18 international awards and his work has been exhibited in numerous international art galleries exhibitions and museums shows.

(Sandrine Gulian – Official Biographer of the artist)


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