Mikael Jensen

Mikael Jensen (b 1953) is a Danish painter who lives and produces his works in Spain and in Denmark. Jensen has a background in advertising where he has won more than 40 international creative awards. He holds a master´s degree in business administration. He started painting after a dream one night in 1995. “He who looks outside, dreams, he who looks inside, awakes”, was one of the key statements from Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), the founder of analytical psychology, whose work Jensen has studied for more than 30 years. This statement encompasses Jensen’s artistic work.

In his paintings, Jensen uses a surrealistic approach filled with archetypal symbols, myths and references to fairytales. According to C.G. Jung, archetypal images represent an international language that all human beings understand, regardless of culture, language or religion. With each piece of art, Jensen writes an interpretation that opens the painting. Jensen is passionate about existential themes and inner development. Particularly prominent themes are the relationships between man and woman, and how emotions and intuition shape human beings. The use of very fine ink-pens allows Jensen to dwell with and nuance particular parts of the motifs, while leaving other parts with much less attention. The contrast between black ink on white carton dramatizes the motifs, adding a sense of presence that knocks on one’s inner door.


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