Li Zhehu

In the creation of his works, Li Zhehu has always insisted on a valuable truth. The truth allows us to feel the breath of each color and the fluctuation of his inner emotions. Through the “Life” series, “Nature” series, “Soul” and other series, we can observe the painter Li Zhehu’s deep love for raising his own homeland and traditional culture, which he continues to use as a source of creation. It seems that he has inadvertently integrated his long-standing understanding of life and nature, and wants to use this as a life subject to explore throughout his life.

From time to time, Li Zhehu’s oil paintings also show the unique technique of Chinese painting, which permeates a sense of tranquility and peace. He seems to unwittingly infiltrate the oriental traditional aesthetic charm in realism. The old man who symbolizes the power of traditional culture, the woman who symbolizes the birth of life, and the child who symbolizes the hope for the future are the recurring personality symbols in his artistic creation; he meticulously appreciates the shape and momentum of the old man with his brush, all of which embody the ancient Chinese scholar The scholar’s magnanimity, visually impressive momentum, and clean and simple color blocks have shaped an image of a great Confucian and wise man, which not only reflects Li Zhehu’s solid painting skills, but also vaguely reveals his firm stand and distinctive attitude of his own culture. He is constantly thinking, flying between the East and the West, crossing the ancient traditional culture and modern civilization. He can always appropriately use the dynamics of some classic characters suitable for the creative theme to express his thoughts and pursuit. He prayed for world peace, eastern and western civilizations, ancient traditional cultures and modern thoughts to be able to achieve equality, perfect tolerance, and symbiotic development. For the creation of contemporary Chinese oil paintings, Li Zhehu has his own unique insights: he believes that oil painting creation should not be limited to specific artistic expressions such as realism, abstraction, etc.; it should be more bold to combine Chinese ancient literati paintings, the prior idea is: “Don’t set your mind before painting”.


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