Oleg Soul

Oleg Soul, also known as Oleg Vicheria, was born in 1985 in Novorossiysk, Russia. From an early age, he displayed a deep passion for art, which led him to art school at eight. Inspired by his hometown’s people and natural surroundings, Oleg was convinced that being an artist was his true calling.

Oleg’s art encompasses paintings, photographs, and sculptures, aiming to convey a harmonious relationship between humans and nature, free of racial and gender biases. He encourages the free expression of emotions without fear of judgment, urging humanity to embrace individuality and the significance of each person’s dreams.

Using diverse techniques and mediums—varnishes, pencils, charcoal, oil, and acrylic paints—Oleg creates works that capture both movement and tranquility, infusing them with vitality and motion. His art education began at the Art Children’s School under L.A. Gergieva in Novorossiysk, and in 2018, he joined the International Federation of Artists and the Artist’s Union of Russia.

Oleg’s talent has been recognized through various accolades. He performed at Artfullink Tattoo studio in Bali in 2015, earned an art certificate in the Awesome Art Prize Spring Edition Contest in 2020, and won first place in the “Wealth of Nature” category at the art competition “Morocco through the eyes of Russians. Russia through the eyes of Moroccans” in 2021.

His exhibitions, such as ‘Emotion Art’ and “Goddess of Dreams” in Bali, and group exhibitions like “Associating the Solitudes” at Pashmin Art Gallery in Hamburg, showcase his unique style and thematic focus.

Through his evocative works, Oleg continues to inspire and challenge viewers, encouraging deeper connections with the world and themselves. His art reflects his belief in the transformative power of creativity and the importance of individuality in the vast universe.


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