Zhong Biao

Behind the material world is the immaterial world, which is connected to a multitude of invisible goods. All we can experience is impossible without the vast immaterial world that is developing behind the scenes. “Appearance” itself is an ongoing dynamic process. For 12 years I have been growing into the thought that “everything already existed and only manifested itself through time”. Thus, the focus of my attention has shifted from the reality of “being visible” to exploring the essence of what “already exists”.

—- Zhong Biao

Zhong Biao was born in Chongqing in 1968 and graduated from Oil Painting Faculty of Zhejiang Academy of Arts in 1991. Today he is Assistant Professor at the Sichuan Fine Art Institute and Vice President of the Chongqing Oil Painting Society. He currently lives and works in Beijing and Chongqing. His art has been shown in solo exhibitions as well as group exhibitions and international biennials in over 30 countries. His works can be seen in the collections of museums, art institutes, companies and private collectors.


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