Donat Kamber

Swiss photographer Donat Kamber has been capturing the essence of transformation and tradition through his evocative photography. His work spans diverse landscapes and cultures, showcased in two remarkable collections: “1988-1993: The Last Days of Old China” and “The Light of Switzerland.”

Donat Kamber’s China collection documents a pivotal moment in Chinese history, as Donat traversed the vast landscapes from the bustling megacities to the remote corners of the Gobi Desert. His images capture a China on the cusp of monumental change, preserving moments of traditional life that have since given way to rapid modernization.

In the series “Landscape in Changing Times,” Donat Kamber captures the ecologically fragile mountainous regions of Switzerland, now grappling with the severe impacts of global warming. This body of work presents an ecocritical narrative, highlighting how once stable and continuous natural features—mountains, rivers, and waterfalls—are undergoing alarming transformations. The once tranquil Swiss landscapes, emblematic of nature’s enduring grandeur, are depicted in the throes of ecological upheaval. Watercourses that symbolized life and continuity now fluctuate between destructive floods and unnerving dry spells, reflecting the volatility induced by climate change. Kamber’s photography challenges viewers to confront the harsh realities of environmental degradation and its existential threats, urging a critical reflection on humanity’s relationship with nature and our role in shaping the future of these landscapes.

Donat Kamber’s compelling photography series will be featured in two prominent upcoming exhibitions, highlighting his ability to capture the intricate balance between historical preservation and contemporary evolution. The Basel Exhibition for China series will run from June 14 to July 14, 2024, followed by a display at the Archive Art Museum for Siwss series in Beijing from May 24 to June 24, 2024. These exhibitions offer the international community a chance to engage with Kamber’s work, which powerfully demonstrates the role of photography in documenting transformative times. His collections can also be explored through his portfolio at the website: The Light of Switzerland.


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