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Vernissage: 06.05.2023 / 7 PM

Exhibition period: 06.05. ­– 26.05.2023

Presenter: Jasmin Eikmeier (Art Consultant)

Opening Speech: Dr. Davood Khazaie (International Curator)

Pashmin Art Gallery in Hamburg, Germany, is proud to present “Expressive Mélange” a captivating group exhibition featuring the work of four exceptional artists: Stephanie Bartel, Andrea Donner, Ralph Hübschmann and Gerda Heitmann. The exhibition will run from 6th to 26th May and will showcase a diverse range of artistic styles, mediums, and techniques, all unified by their profound connection to nature, transformation, and the human experience.

Stephanie Bartels’ “BLUEna” art combines her love for nature, the sea, and the sky, resulting in pieces that bring beauty, lightness, and a touch of magic to viewers’ lives. Andrea Donner’s abstract artworks are a harmonious blend of form and content, reflecting the interconnectedness of life and nature’s resilience. Ralph Hübschmann’s handcrafted wooden sculptures, adorned with amber, agate, and metal alloys, masterfully depict the beauty of nature and the power of transformation. Gerda Heitmann’s portrait paintings capture the unique traits and life moments of diverse individuals, exploring new techniques to add depth and plasticity to her works.

The exhibition offers a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to explore the creative expressions of these four visionary artists, all of whom share a deep appreciation for the natural world and its profound influence on their work. Experience the enchanting interplay of colors, textures, and forms as you immerse yourself in the “Nature’s Harmony” exhibition at Pashmin Art Gallery.

Join us for the opening reception on May 6th, where you will have the chance to meet the artists and gain insights into their creative processes. Don’t miss this extraordinary showcase of talent, on display until May 26th at Pashmin Art Gallery in Hamburg, Germany. For more information, visit our website and follow our social media channels on Instagram and Facebook.


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