From 27.05.2018 to 29.06.2018, Pashmin Art Gallery is showing an exhibition under the
theme: “Reality, Illusion, Grotesque”. Four artists deal with the concept of seeing in their
works by questioning the illusion of reality and constructing new, even grotesque images.

Nicole Majer

Nicole Majer was born in Hamburg, Germany. In 2012 she finished her studies with the
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) at the AMD academy for fashion and design, in Hamburg. Nicole
Majer has always been interested in art and its different sections, in theory and practice.
Design affords her to combine creativity and fantasy with functionality. For this purpose, she
benefits from her inspiration in fashion for illustrations and vice versa.

Hermann Fuchs

The Austrian photographer, Hermann Fuchs was born in the Austrian province of Braunau am
Inn. During his school years, he was interested in various types of art and began to take
photographs, at that time still black and white pictures with a Canon F1 camera. He built his
own laboratory and expanded photography to photographics. His landscapes and portraits, as
well as surreal compositions received praise and recognition at improvised exhibitions. The
image design of the photographic artist Hermann Fuchs is increasingly oriented towards the
aesthetic commandments of painting. They are photographed and digitized paintings, they are
unique and unmistakable.

David Parrott

David Parrott was born in Oxford. Growing up on the outskirts of central Oxford, with the
nearby countryside as his backyard, has always made him feel in touch with what were later to become his major painting subjects. A strong emphasis of his work as such is on experimenting and finding new techniques by utilizing a variety of mediums and materials. This, to him, opens up a more innovative way of painting, reflecting the vibrancy of the landscapes that are his main subjects. He also creates digital figurative paintings alongside landscapes

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