Solo Exhibition with WHAK – Wolfgang Kluge

WHAK - Wolfgang Kluge

WHAK, alias Wolfgang Kluge, stands for imposing and light-flooded colour games, which virtually burst with vitality and joie de vivre! The artworks of the Hamburg artist have already been shown at international art fairs in Basel, Florence, Miami and New York and inspired many museum visitors at the Mark Rothko Art Centre and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Beijing.

Vernissage Party: Sat. 30.07.2022 at 19.00 o’clock
Duration: 30.07. – 13.08.2022

The viewer does not merely look at Kluge’s works, he looks into the painting as into the panorama of a foreign world. His paintings have a double effect. First, they impress the viewer when he looks at them from a distance of five or ten meters. But the viewer is at least as intensely addressed when he studies the paintings up close. Here, he discovers the finest structures and recurring, yet constantly changing patterns everywhere on the surface of the picture. This finest structuring makes each of the painter’s pictures unique, which no one can copy and reproduce, not even the artist himself.

Pashmin Art Gallery cordially invites you to get acquainted with a fine selection of WHAK‘s works in a two-week solo exhibition.

The vernissage party will first start with a speech by art historian Dr. Marc Cremer-Thursby and then turn into a party with music and atmospheric gallery vibes!


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