Before the word was the symbol.

The first artistic symbols adorned the caves of the Stone Age people. Symbols, which often contain encrypted clues and secret messages, have played a major role right up to the present day.

The power of symbols accompanies us everywhere, both in the real and the digital world. A concise company logo has a strong symbolic power, it can evoke emotions and arouse interest.

Symbolic Art contains deep strands of meaning that always allow an individual and subjective approach. 

Vernissage : 17.09.2022 – 19.00 o clock
Exhibition period : 17.09. – 22.10.2022
Opening speech: Dr. Marc Cremer-Thursby

Group exhibition at Pashmin Art Gallery, Bad Tölz with:

Günther Uecker – Wang Shaojun – Natalja Nouri

Günther Uecker

Günther Uecker, one of the most important German artists of the post-war period, became internationally known for his nail pictures and objects. In the lithographs (Embossing with screen printing on handmade paper) on display, he creates a very unique, graceful signature that speaks to the viewer individually. A large number of his works deal with the theme of East and West, as well as world peace.

Wang Shaojun

The Chinese artist´s works combine traditional and classical artistic expressions, which are reflected in his visual biographies of his portrait sculptures. Wang Shaojun has created several large public art works for many Chinese cities and was awarded the ´´China Public Art Academic Award´´. He serves as a professor, lecturer and president for the oldest and most important academy in China, CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Art) in Beijing.

Natalja Nouri

Order and chaos, black and white: dualities play an important role in Natalja Nouri´s art. Each work of art is preceded by a research process that unleashes visions that result in oil paintings and mixed media works. Eros, however strong, subordinates itself to Natalja Nouri´s Logos and high symbolism. Her works have been exhibited at different museums including Mark Rothko Museum in Latvia and are currently on view at China´s Hong Art Museum.


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