Hamburger Abendblatt about THE ALLURE OF THE FANTASTIQUE – December 2023

Hamburger Abendblatt about THE ALLURE OF THE FANTASTIQUE – In Chinese Contemporary Art – December 2023

China has an incredibly rich heritage of contemporary art and its influence continues to grow. Contemporary Chinese art is a vibrant mix of traditional styles, innovative techniques, and progressive concepts. From avant-garde abstract black-and-white art to abstract figurative paintings and conceptual sculpture, Chinese artists are breaking boundaries and creating truly stunning works of art. Our special exhibition project introduces three outstanding Chinese artists who provide a unique perspective on contemporary Chinese art, which can be understood as an expression of the collective self-image and culture of the Chinese people.
If you are looking for something exciting and inspiring, be sure to check out our Chinese contemporary art! This offers you the opportunity to think beyond your own cultural experiences. By engaging with this type of art, you can gain insight into China’s past, present, and future, and find new ways to understand our global society.

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