Ambro Louwe

Ambro Louwe was born on November 7, 1947 in Beverwijk, the Netherlands. As the son of quite an artistic music teacher, he was immersed in arts and culture from an early age onwards and experienced various expressions of artists mainly through books and music. There was not much room in the large family for cultural trips in the years after the war. His father’s musical activities yielded very little income which prevented Ambro from being able to attend a graphic art school. At the age of 22 he completed his education as headmaster. This coincided with turbulent times and upheavals in society. A period that Ambro has experienced intensively. Enormous innovations in Jenaplan education, major shifts in the world of thoughts and a desire for freedom encouraged research and adventure. A wide variety of activities were the result: fatherhood, building huge carnival parade wagons, teaching in several subjects, directing writing, designing, studying constitutional law and political workshops, renovating, working in polyester, bronze, oil paint etc, etc. His 6 year period as headmaster of the Dutch school in Dubai gave him the opportunity to become more involved with painting and sculpting. At the Sheraton on the Creek in Dubai, he rented a large part of the lobby and successfully held his first exhibition.

The interplay of the changing boundaries between reality, reality and fantasy challenges a variety in color and shape.


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