Kendra Troschel

Kendra Troschel is a third generation Artist who draws from her unique past and eclectic interests to produce truly inspired oil and acrylic paintings.

Through all of her work, there is a common thread of life’s journey- a journey we all experience. Her education has also influenced her, studying and working for over 10 years as a scientist.

Kendra has walked the ever-changing and often-bumpy road of self-discovery and realisation.

Inspired by her admiration of Japanese art, fauvism, and of the ancient world, she employs expressionism to express deeper truths about herself and our world. Through all of her work, we see the common thread of life’s journey – growing up and realising oneself – and in her paintings, we can see not only who she was, but who she is and who she is becoming; a journey we all experience, captured in pigment.

Her beautiful use of imagery and patterns draws us in, and leaves us not only wanting to see more of her singular style, but to learn more about the artist herself.


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