Marian Kretschmer

Marian Kretschmer was born in 1983 in Karl-Marx-Stadt, now called Chemnitz.

He started drawing early and eventually studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. His works have not only attracted great attention in his hometown, but also in Dresden, Leipzig, Halle, Hamburg, Zurich (Switzerland), Kagera (Tanzania), Eldoret (Kenya), Lagos (Portugal) and Tampere (Finland).

The mostly large-scale, realistically created acrylic works are characterized by illustrative components that reveal the influence of old masters in their brilliant color effect. The young artist, who says of himself: “… that he paints for his life”, sensed very early that his actual possibility of expression was painting and illustrating. Most pictures and cycles contain surreal connections of reality and dream, of desire and reality, where individual decoding stays for a long time.

In many works the dispute with the actual state of the world is dispelled. The artist ruthlessly reveals grievances as he gracefully encounters the beauty of nature and life with filigree and flowing color scheme. His works are timeless and filled with an almost inexhaustible pool of fantasy and thus, they contain a broad repertoire of visual power and artistic expressiveness. The tension between thematically “young art” and considerable craftsmanship increasingly places the works in the focus of the viewer.


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