Katalin Nemethy

The works of Katalin Nemethy are characterized by harmonious compositions and clear color schemes. Her visual language is illuminating, inspiring, and combines the motif of Eros with surrealism. The artist has developed an impressive technique as she paints her art on wood instead of canvases. This allows Nemethy to make her works more durable and protect the brightness of the colors. She uses specially prepared ship wood with 4 to 5 primed layers for this purpose.

Before her career as an artist, Nemethy worked as a restorer of oil paintings. Her specialty was the conservation of masterpieces. Even works by grand masters like Titian were brought back to life by her skilled hand. Eventually, she began her career as a portrait painter, establishing a successful label for herself and participating in numerous renowned exhibitions, including those in London, Barcelona, and New York.


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